Text 78

Text 78

“ The learned Annambhatta has put together this text Tarkasangraha to impart basic knowledge of the Doctrines of Kanada and Nyaya for beginners.


Here ends the Text of Tarkasangraha.


Text 77

Text 77

“Hence , since all entities can be included within these seven sets,  it is established that, these seven sets of entities encompass the whole of our universe.”

Text 73-76

Text 73

“Prior Absence has no origin but has a point of termination : For instance there is Prior Absence of an effect before it comes into being ”

Text 74

“Posterior Absence has commencement point but no end. For instance there is Posterior Absence when an effect that came into being is destroyed.”

Text 75

“Absolute Absence is relational Absence in all three segements of time , past – present – future . For Example the Pot is not on the Ground. ”

Text 76

“A Mutual Absence is that Absence which describes the counter positiveness which is delimited by the relation of identity. For example ‘ The pot is not Cloth “.

Text 72

Text 72
“Inherence is a permanent relationship . It is embedded between two inseparable entities. That relationship creates an inter-dependance and cannot be extinguished save on account of the destruction of the entities.

For Eg.

Part & Whole,

Quality & Susbstance,

Action & Substance ,

Universal & Particular,

Unique identity of a Permanent Entity Instance.”

Text 70

Text 70
“Universal, The Commonality, The Generality is eternal , singular and present in all instances of its particular. These are of two kinds, The more inclusive and the less inclusive. The highest degree of inclusive is ‘BEINGNESS’ (existence), the lesser inclusive in relative terms is ‘SUBSTANTIVENESS’

Text 69

Text 69
“Movement is action. The movement that results in the increment of the lowest contact co-ordinate is ‘UPWARD’,
while the movement that results in the decrement of the highest contact co-ordinate is ‘DOWNWARD’ . The decrease in the dimensional occupation is ‘CONTRACT’ while the increase in the dimensional occupation is ‘EXPAND’. All else is ‘DISPLACEMENT’ It is produced in Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Mind.”

Every object occupies space , by which is meant that it could be in single dimensional space (line), two dimensional space (area) or three dimensional space ( volume). If in relation to its occupation between any two occupations being a MOVEMENT if the prior and the post positional co-ordinates meet the conditions referred above they are either UPWARD or DOWNWARD , CONTRACTED or EXPANDED or else DISPLACED.

Text 68

Text 68
“Impression of three kinds. Velocity, Residuality and Elasticity. Velocity is exhibited in the four substances earth, water, fire air and the mind. Residuality is produced by the experience and serves as the cause of remembrance. Elasticity is the quality that allows a substance to regain its original form after it assumes another form. It occurs only to products of substance earth like a mat.”

Text 67

Text 67
” The eight qualities beginning with knowledge are only produced in the Aatman , The awareness substance . Knowledge , Desire and Volition are of two kinds , eternal and non eternal. They are eternal in Easwara and in Jeeva it is non eternal.

Text 60-66

Text 60
“Happinesss ( Pleasure) is that which is an experiential quantum seen as agreeable by each one.”

Text 61
“Un-happiness , sorrow , (Pain) is that experiential quantum seen as disagreeable by each one.”

Text 62
“Desire is the resultant quantum ‘want’.”

Test 63
“Aversion , (Anger) is the resultant quantum ‘Non want’.”

Text 64
” Volition is quantum internal effort.”

Text 65
” Merit is the residual quantum produced by a sanctioned action .”

Text 66
” De-merit is the residual quantum produced by a prohibited action.”